Nintendo to repair defective Joy-Cons with Drift Issues

Nintendo to repair defective Joy-Cons with Drift Issues
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Customer support agents have allegedly been advised by Nintendo to give free Joy-Con renovations with “drift” problems.

According to an internal memo obtained by Vice, the gaming giant has ordered it supports reps not to charge customers for Joy-Con repairs if the controllers are manifesting the very famous drifting behavior which has caused them to move things on the screen without any user input.

They have even been told that requesting evidence of acquisition is no longer essential — they can take customers at their word. Furthermore, Nintendo has obviously recommended officials to process a refund if they have previously paid for a Joy-Con fix earlier, which typically charges about $40.

Vice received the letter from someone acquainted with the revised paperwork of Nintendo’s customer support. It says the following:

“Customers will no longer be requested to provide proof of purchase for Joy-Con repairs. Additionally, it is not necessary to confirm warranty status. If a customer requests a refund for a previously paid Joy-Con repair […] confirm the prior repair and then issue a refund.”

The firm did not verify the release letter, but the fresh directives were tested by Vice. When calling Nintendo assistance for a drifting Joy-Cons device, the publication was told to update its software on the system and call back if the problem persisted. A few minutes ago, it did.

Vice said the second time it didn’t get any form of pushback and was told the firm was going to send a prepaid shipping label to the faulty Joy-Con owner so they could send the Joy-Con in for repairs.


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