Netflix: launch a mobile-only monthly plan in India for $3

Netflix: launch a mobile-only monthly plan in India for $3
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Netflix has a fresh strategy for winning customers in India and that is to create an extremely inexpensive product. The streaming giant launched in the nation a lower-priced monthly plan for mobile-only, costing just around $3 a month.

The fresh subscription level restricts the service’s use to one mobile device (and one simultaneous stream) and only provides standard definition display (~480p). Users can also enjoy the plan on their tablets, but there are also restrictions on several characteristics like the capacity to cast(or mirror) to their TV.

In India and some other Asian markets, Netflix began testing a lower-priced subscription scheme early last year. Company representatives said today at a press conference in New Delhi they have no intentions to extend this offer to other areas at the moment. Netflix also tested a weekly membership plan— which, authorities said, is no longer being followed either.

The announcement emerges days after Netflix recorded adding 2.7 million fresh users in the last quarter that ended in June this year, a far cry from it’s predicted 5.1 million earlier this year. Jessica Lee, VP of Communications at Netflix, said today the company’s recent performance in other markets did not influence its move in India.


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