After German antitrust intervention, Amazon amends vendor conditions globally

After German antitrust intervention, Amazon amends vendor conditions globally
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After interference by the Federal Cartel Office of Germany (FCO), Amazon has decided to create a number of modifications to the company conditions it provides vendors on its marketplaces.

In November last year, the regulator initiated an inquiry after getting a big amount of complaints from Amazon’s German marketplace vendors, the biggest of the five European marketplaces in the company.

Among the modifications that the eCommerce company has decided to create are modifications to its seller responsibility regulations to put it into line with European b2b relations norms, and modifications to account termination and blocking to remove its infinite right to do so without a warrant — meaning regular account terminations will involve 30 days notice in the future.

The firm has also decided to withdraw the exclusivity of the tribunal of jurisdiction, which means that European vendors with a conflict against it may not only be allowed to initiate legal procedures in Luxembourg but may also be prepared to bring them to a national tribunal in the future under certain circumstances.

Other modifications include cuts in Amazon’s confidentiality demands to tie what vendors can tell about it in public; consumer data freedoms and performance standards; and consumer assessments and vendor scores.

The fresh company conditions, which will enter into force in 30 days, will extend not only to all European marketplaces of Amazon but also to its global marketplaces, including in North America and Asia.


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